Insurance Defense

Effective Insurance Defense Attorneys

The Law Office of Jillisa O’Brien, P.C., offers creative, practical, and cost-effective legal representation to insurance companies. We are regularly retained to serve as litigation and monitoring counsel in a flexible variety of practice areas, balancing our obligations both to our client insureds and the insurer who hired us. Our comprehensive insurance defense practice areas include:

Construction Defect

Construction defect is one of the cornerstones of our practice. We are experienced in defending the breadth of design professionals, developers, general contractors, and subcontractors, in construction defect, warranty, and indemnity litigation. Our clients include national construction companies and local builders. We also provide comprehensive transactional services during pre-project preparations and contract negotiations.

Today, complex construction cases routinely involve a complicated mixture of indemnity and additional insured endorsements spread amongst the developers, general contractors, and subcontractors. We are skilled at pursuing all avenues of coverage for our clients to provide them protection and to spread the risk. Our cases routinely involve reservations of rights, coverage disputes with additional insureds, blanked additional insured endorsements, completed operations exclusions, WRAP and OCIP policies, and more. We handle these issues with discretion and efficiency.

Construction Site Accident Liability

With our significant construction litigation experience, we are positioned to offer knowledgeable and practical representation, founded in a breadth of construction knowledge. We have represented clients against the breadth of injuries, from the malingering to the deceased, and are able to thoroughly assess an accident and the seriousness of the damages to provide an accurate view of liability and exposure. This knowledge empowers you to effectively manage the case.

Business Comprehensive General Liability Defense

We are positioned to offer innovative, effective, and practical representation to our business clients, often through their comprehensive general liability insurance policies. We are frequently retained to defend business holders in work place accidents, personal injury and premises liability cases, construction defect, habitability, and more.

Design Defect

Cost-effective representation in construction cases involving architects, engineers, and other professionals in defect, design, and soils litigation. This representation is rooted in our significant experience representing design professionals contractually at the transactional stage and in our vast construction defect litigation experience. As professional liability can involve many different types of insurance policies, we pride ourselves in being able to move immediately on pressing policy issues.

Premises and Habitational Liability

We are experienced in defending commercial landowners and property managers against tricky and emotional premises liability personal injury cases and warranty of habitability cases. We defend these cases with meticulous care and tact. Our clients include apartment owners, hotel and motel owners, retail stores, shopping centers, and more.

We take pride in empowering our clients to make knowledgeable, timely decisions about their cases. We recognize that insurers need to make timely decisions to manage risk. We are communicative, responsive, and timely in our case management practices.