Construction Contractor Representation

Working with contractors and suppliers to answer and address legal issues that come up in the day to day business of contracting. We have seen firsthand what issues can come up and how addressing them at the time rather than waiting is the best approach. Having an attorney on call when you need one is a cost-effective approach to avoiding the avoidable.


Sometimes you can’t avoid a dispute. Litigation is a last resort when all else fails but sometimes it’s just the cost of doing business. Our attorneys have successfully resolved many cases at mediation but have also taken cases to trial and arbitration. If your dispute needs an attorney that is going to provide you with the advocacy and the candor that you want, let’s talk.

Private Works

Private Works is a complicated arena of rights and counter rights. Contractors have rights; Owners have rights. Protecting those rights and avoiding issues when they conflict is the best approach to avoiding costly litigation. Our senior attorneys have the experience to litigate the dispute if it gets to that point.

Non-Disclosure Cases

Non-disclosure issues can be a problem for the seller and for the buyer. The California Real Estate documents are long and confusing and the law dealing with disclosures is equally long and confusing. It doesn’t come up often, but when it does it can be very trying and the process can be very long and drawn out. Our senior attorneys have represented sellers in non-disclosure matters over the past years and would be happy to discuss your case with you.